Wackyface Photobooth | About
Founded by a bride and a groom who were searching for a photo booth to add more fun and enjoyment for their guests in their wedding. They kept on searching and searching but everybody seemed to be overpriced and does not have what the couple was looking for. What they wanted was very simple.

They were looking for a Valuable Photo Booth which means it should be affordable, prints unlimited high quality glossy prints, spacious, have a wide variety of props with no cost, flexible and of course something that will really entertain their guest and brightens up their wedding.

They didn’t find what they are searching for so they decided to come up with all the qualities that they were looking for and share it to everybody else.
They wanted spacious to fit all their bridal entourage since they have a huge line up, so traditional photo booth will definitely not work for them.

So what they did is brining a photography studio in their event with their personalized backdrop, lightweight printer, a very large selection of funny and unique props and a red carpet so their guests will feel like celebrities walking in the red carpet
They wanted to make sure thatthere would be a lot of people could fit in the picture since they both came from a large family.

Turned out it became the ice breaker for the party, bonding experience for their family and guests, the ultimate party favor and souvenir and most of all the huge hit on their event.